Blog18 July 2016

Hottest day of the year imminent as July temperatures finally soar

Following weeks of dreary weather – which saw last month statistically confirmed as the eleventh wettest June since records began – the UK is now finally set for some serious heat!

The Met Office has predicted that temperatures over the coming days will not fall below the mid-20s, with Tuesday expected to be the year’s warmest up till now.

Peter Sloss of BBC Weather, told us: “Our weather so far in July has seen temperatures into the low 20s, which is close to normal. This is because our air has been coming from the Atlantic.

“During the early part of the week, we will instead see hot air coming north from Spain. The heat will build up during Monday, with the hottest day of the year so far being Tuesday.

“We could therefore see temperatures in the London area reaching 32°C– or 90 degrees Fahrenheit!”

It is the more southerly regions of the UK that will see the higher temperatures, but most parts of England and Wales will reach the mid-20s this week – a sharp upturn on days gone by.

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