Blog26 March 2014

Hospital in need of urgent cooling

Heat is a well described occupational hazard. People who are physically active in high temperatures are at increased risk of heat injury. When the temperature soared in a Gloucestershire Hospital the building became distressingly hot. An urgent site survey was carried out following the hospitals management team’s request.


Andrews Air Conditioning Hire delivered 60 portable air conditioners which were placed throughout the building, including 2.6kW Polar Breeze and 4.1kW Polar Wind units. These products are fully portable and deliver cool flows of air anywhere in the room.  Amongst the units we also supplied several larger and more powerful models, the 6.5kW PAC 22 placed in spaces with more cooling demand.

Andrews Sykes has extensive expertise in providing specialist hire equipment to hospitals, clinics and health centres. We ensure aftercare for maximum reliability and top equipment provided by our engineers.

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