Blog23 June 2014

Hospital in Bristol requires temporary cooling

When a hospital in the centre of Bristol started getting too hot, Andrews Air Conditioning were approached and asked to provide a short-term solution. An X-Ray room in the children’s ward had become excessively warm while undergoing a major refurbishment, meaning a temporary cooling system was urgently required.

Following the initial enquiry, we sent an engineer to the infirmary to conduct a site survey, in order to establish which equipment would be most suitable. It was decided that two PAC 22 units would be deployed on the premises, accompanied by two heat exchangers. These powerful water-cooled air conditioners are safe and run on a standard power supply, making them ideal for medical facilities and similar environments.

They were installed and fully functional within hours of contact, enabling work to proceed at a much quicker rate than before. By helping to bring the temperature down, we ensured both patients and staff remained comfortable when inside the building. The client was very pleased with our recommendation and rapid service, which allowed the hospital to continue reaching its targets while renovation was ongoing.