Blog2 July 2014

Historical English ship seeks cooling assistance

As one of London’s most prominent tourist attractions, the Cutty Sark attracts an average of 10,000 visitors a day. Located along King William Walk in Greenwich – virtually on our doorstep – this English tea clipper is famed for being one of the fastest of its kind. Following a fire in 2007, £50m was spent on restoration which has led to the number of visitors more than doubling since the investment.

When a heating issue threatened to mar the experience of those exploring the docked vessel, we were approached and asked to provide an appropriate solution. In order to keep sightseers comfortable during the summer months, the client required equipment which would reduce temperatures to a more desirable level. After careful consideration, it was decided that three ASF21 cooling fans would be most suitable for the application.

Several features of this product made it appropriate for deployment on the ship – most notably its quiet operation and excellent portability. Fans also have the added advantage of not requiring ducting, making them ideal for areas with high footfall.

The customer was very pleased with our swift service and choice of unit, which ensured people were able to enjoy their experience without feeling too hot!