Blog25 July 2017

Andrews Sykes uncover original centenary brochure

In 1957, the company – under the name Henry Sykes Ltd – celebrated our first one hundred years of business. In order to mark this milestone, a commemorative centenary brochure was produced to document our incredible growth during that period.

The build-up to this anniversary prompted a lot of research about our history and led to a lot of previously unknown information being uncovered by our marketing team. While conducting their research, the team came across old copies of the original Henry Sykes 100th anniversary book. Further investigation uncovered the fact that an ex-employee still owned one of the original copies in pristine condition – and this can now be viewed here.

This unique booklet traces the business’ journey from its origins in 1857, where it was established as a small engineering firm in London before going on to become a global hire company.

Drawing from the company’s extensive historical archive, the article celebrates the people most responsible for contributing to our proud story, as well as giving readers a detailed perception of how we evolved during those first ten decades.

With over 25 pages of exclusive insight and breath-taking original imagery of company personnel, products and innovations, this commemorative brochure is an invaluable memento of a significant phase in our history.