Blog20 July 2023

Helping event organisers ensure the party doesn’t stop!

A renowned British holiday park in Kent faced a major challenge while preparing for its 25th annual event – inadequate ventilation in the dance hall with a heatwave thought to be approaching. To combat this, the event organisers turned to Andrews Sykes for a suitable air conditioning hire solution.

Our team conducted two site visits well in advance to plan and execute the perfect cooling strategy. Early engagement allowed for a comprehensive assessment of the venue’s needs, ensuring a successful installation. A follow-up visit one week before the event helped to finalise enabling works and equipment setup, addressing any concerns promptly.

To keep the bar area and dance floor cool, we provided two HPAC 30 units, drawing in outside air, cooling it, circulating conditioned air around the main bar area. Additionally, FV900 ventilation fans were used to extract ambient air from outside before directing it towards the dance floor, lowering the temperature and improving comfort levels. Efficient distribution of air was facilitated by the installation of necessary ducting and cables, with the overall solution delivering effective temporary event cooling.

Despite an exceptionally hot weekend, our HVAC solution proved highly effective, providing comfort to dancers and attendees for the duration of the requirement. Strategically positioning the HPAC30 units and the FV900 fans created an ideal climate, mitigating the effects of the heatwave.

The success of this cooling solution left the customer highly satisfied and confident in our capability, prompting them to express their intention to hire from Andrews Sykes again next year. Whether for events, offices, or just about any other space, you can trust us to supply efficient and reliable cooling systems at just a few hours’ notice.

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