Blog7 May 2014

Heating supply for a hospital X-ray room

Different scenarios take place in the rooms within a hospital. Public buildings must ensure all visitors receive comfortable care, this being the hospitals duty. Andrews Heat For Hire comprehend the different actions that take place, this is why we will always offer expert advice and a precise solution.

A District General Hospital had a problem within their X-ray department whereby their heating had failed. They still needed to provide their patients with heat whilst they waited and were being X-rayed. Our solution was to provide two DE 25 2.8kW electric heaters, one being for the waiting area and one for the X-ray room itself. The DE 25 is a very efficient electric fan heater. It’s available with a built in thermostat for fully automatic use and is suitable for virtually any location.

The customer was very pleased with the outcome, also the equipment provided. Andrews Heat for Hire excel when it comes to providing portable heating units to hospitals and clinics. We understand that the majority of healthcare managers seek temporary systems that represent good value for money.

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