Blog8 October 2021

Heater keeps patrons warm at trendy London pop-up food and retail park

The looming winter presents event organisers with a binary decision to make in terms of climate control: do we need heating, or not? In many cases, a temporary solution is a necessity as exposing your customers or guests to a cold and unwelcoming environment would never constitute satisfactory practice in the hospitality sector.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we are widely experienced in providing events, retail spaces and food outlets with stand-in equipment – particularly around the festive period. Temperatures in recent weeks have begun to noticeably drop off, which has coincided in with an upsurge in enquiries from event planners and operators.

Among these enquiries was a request from the management team of one of London’s most celebrated leisure experiences. Our client’s popular outdoor drinking and dining venue is in an open-air site exposed to the elements, hence their desire to install a high capacity heating unit in the vicinity.

They were specifically seeking to increase temperatures within a large sitting area and had cut holes in the temporary structure to enable ducting to pass through and deliver the warm air that was required. A single FH111 indirect fired heater was stationed outside the location and chosen for the project due to its excellent fuel efficiency, which would ultimately help our customer save significant sums on fuel.

A thermostat was attached to our unit to ensure temperatures were maintained between 21⁰C and 23⁰C, with the kit expected to remain on hire until at least the end of January next year. At the time of writing, our short-term heating solution has been in place for four weeks and been as well-received by the client as the intended beneficiaries – their thousands of daily visitors!