Blog15 November 2013

Heater hire during London construction project

Andrews Heat for Hire often receives calls from large construction companies. In London a major construction project was taking place in a building across five floors in wet and damp conditions, running the risk of delayed completion. The construction company called Andrews Heat for Hire for a solution to the problem. Within hours Andrews delivered two FH250 site heaters, a product specifically developed to deliver large volumes of clean heat over long distances. The FH250 can work unattended for extended periods of time in the most arduous conditions.

We also supplied the site with fifteen HD 500 dryers, built to withstand construction site conditions whilst also decreasing the potential damage caused by excess moisture. The HD 500s were distributed over each floor while the heaters were located at each stairwell and the warm air ducted into specific areas. The heater and dryer combination ensured the site was dried quickly, work continued efficiently and the project was completed on time.

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