Blog22 August 2013

Healthcare Heatwave Planning: A Case in Point

Andrews Sykes has been active in reminding our Healthcare provider clients of the advice contained in the NHS Heatwave Plan 2013. Sound advice on how to deal with caring for vulnerable patients and in helping to keep staff performance optimised during exceptional heat.

Recently we were asked to urgently undertake a site survey at a Hospital in Slough and to provide advice and cooling equipment as exceptionally high temperatures were reaching critical levels. One area of special concern was a birthing centre, obviously vital.

A wide variety of portable air conditioning units were chosen and installed to suit the busy congested facilities where lots of potential challenges in terms of circulation and people movement needed to be taken into account

Our field based specialist Steve Richardson was called to site and made sure that not only was adequate cooling capacity provided to resolve the problem, but that the solution and how it was installed were tailored to suit site conditions

Solutions included PAC22s – our hugely versatile and most popular unit, Zephyrs and ET9 units all delivered within hours of our being asked to help.