Blog14 September 2011

Get Back In Your Cage

In response to customers’ heightened sense of insecurity coupled with the real increase in the incidence of copper theft, Andrews Air Conditioning is offering a wide range of added-value security devices.

These include ‘active’ systems like anti-tamper alarms and  ‘passive’ systems such as anti-vandal condenser cages, pipework protection covers and non-copper pipework.

Commenting on the increasing risk of copper pipework theft from air conditioning systems, Alasdair McLean, National Projects Manager for Andrews Air Conditioning noted,  ‘Recent events show that we all share the responsibility to protect ourselves and our property from theft rather than relying on an overstretched police service’.

One of the most popular and effective anti-vandal devices is the Condenser Cage. Andrews Air Conditioning is including these in all quotations for new installations wherever there is a significant risk of condenser theft or damage.

‘Condenser Cages are a highly cost effective solution and the marginal increase in initial installation costs is massively outweighed by the savings of avoiding equipment theft, refrigerant replacement and, most importantly of all, the system downtime’, says Andy Whiteley Divisional Director of Andrews Air Conditioning.

anti-vandal condenser cages