Blog21 May 2021

Generational residential development on track thanks to Sykes Pumps

After years of delay caused by the original contractor going bust, a major housing development in Northamptonshire has been given the green light to proceed. The plan includes the construction of almost 1,500 new homes, a school, community centre and three sports pitches, with groundwork currently underway to help get the project in motion.

Having inherited a site that was severely blighted by the presence of a surface water pond, our client was initially tasked with completely draining it before any foundations could be laid. Discussions with the local water company were helpful, with the relevant authority giving the go ahead to discharge the water into a culvert located approximately 300 metres away.

Although providing an appropriate pump hire solution was relatively simple, the required pumping distance meant that a significant amount of hosing would be needed to achieve the desired outcome. Sykes’ regional expert proposed the deployment of a GP150M unit, which is commonly favoured in construction and utility-related settings.

A total of 54 lengths of 150mm poly pipe were also supplied to ensure the identified discharge point would be reached. Wire armoured hose was used on the suction side.

This project – although straightforward in its concept – is an excellent example of our capability which required us to arrange, deliver and connect many lengths of pipework to fulfil the task at hand. Due to heavy wet weather conditions, the pump hire was extended beyond the preliminary agreement. The client has been very complimentary of the pump’s performance and our solution, leading to the advancement of a very exciting regeneration project.