Blog1 November 2012

Gemma Gibbons and Chris Powell Q & A video now available on the Andrews Sykes YouTube channel

Following on from the official ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of the Andrews Sykes’ new depot in Charlton, guests were hosted to a lunch event at Charlton Football club. One of the highlights of the day was a Question and Answer session with Judo Olympic Silver medallist Gemma Gibbons and Charlton football manager Chris Powell.

Both Gemma and Chris discuss their successes during 2012 along with a few inside stories on their impressive careers. Both also give their opinions on social media and how powerful a tool it can be for their careers with Gemma noting her Twitter followers have multiplied in the thousands since winning her Silver Medal at the London 2012 Olympics.

You can now view the whole Q & A session on YouTube by simply clicking here

Viewers of the video are then given an insight to a little sporting rivalry as Chris demands that the Charlton FC League One trophy is brought out so he can proudly present his achievement to compete with Gemma’s Silver Medal. Gemma responds to this by stating that unlike her medal, the trophy must be returned at the end of the year. Both Chris and Gemma did agree, however, that each other’s awards were a magnificent achievement and swapped the awards for the special photo seen below.

View the video of Chris and Gemma by clicking here, or to find out more information about the memorable day please click here.