Blog4 April 2023

Fuel telemetry proves its worth for international home DIY retailer

Being able to accurately monitor the fuel levels of a boiler, heater or pump can be a priceless safety net and prevent any number of potentially disastrous scenarios coming to pass.

By using fuel telemetry, our customers can easily track the remaining quantity of oil and receive emailed alerts once this drops below an agreed threshold.

Although not all customers require this technology, particularly on shorter projects, there are countless instances where it has proved incredibly beneficial.

Only last month, one of the UK’s most popular DIY companies approached us in search of a solution, and the peace of mind that a situation they had previously experienced would not happen again on our watch.

Essentially, our client had hired a temporary boiler for one of their stores in London – but with no telemetry offered as part of the arrangement.

To briefly summarise: On an application sourced by a sub-contractor and operated without engineering support or fuel management, the boiler on site ceased being operational. The implications of this were severe, with all heating lost within the building and customers visibly inconvenienced during a particularly cold time of year.

So, where did Andrews Boilers come in?

After discussing the original problem with one of our specialist advisors, we conveyed our expertise and service capability which included the sort of fuel monitoring system the client so desperately required.

Within hours of that initial conversation taking place, we had replaced a substandard boiler package with two of our own 500kW units, with the all-important telemetry equipment also incorporated into a newly proposed hire agreement.

There can be no greater indicator of the success of our response to the problem than the customer themselves declaring their confidence had been restored. That’s down to a number of things!

Firstly, the knowledge of our technical team. Secondly, the availability of kit, and the speed with which it was delivered to site.

But the single most important factor in reassuring the customer was being able to offer a wireless, cost-effective, fuel tank level monitor, with its mere presence eradicating the possibility of there being any repeat downtime.

Sometimes, it really is the smallest things that make the biggest difference!