Blog30 May 2023

From industrial to commercial: our air conditioning systems cover all environments

For many businesses, maintaining optimal temperatures is essential not only for staff comfort but also for the smooth operation of critical machinery. As one of the leading providers of portable air conditioners, we understand the diverse cooling needs of most environments and industries. With our temporary cooling solutions, we ensure that both people and machinery stay cool, regardless of the application.

Recently, a well-known airline contacted us requiring a temporary solution as their existing air conditioning system failed – leaving a data centre potentially vulnerable. As usual, our team responded quickly. Our PAC 22 portable air conditioners were selected and implemented because of their suitability to this type of environment. The unit’s precision cooling capabilities met the specific requirements of the flight company’s data centre, ensuring uninterrupted performance and safeguarding their vital operations.

In addition to the above project, a renowned watch workshop needed to stop rising temperatures from affecting their delicate machinery. Because of this, they turned to us for a practical cooling solution. A PAC 60 unit was seen as the best choice due to its portability and impressive capacities, rendering it perfectly suited to industrial applications.

At Andrews Sykes, we understand that every cooling requirement is unique and we pride ourselves on our wide range of portable air conditioners designed for all environments. Standing at the forefront of the cooling industry, we offer reliable and efficient portable air conditioners to cater to diverse needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we continue to be the trusted choice for reliable temporary cooling solution – and we can help you get through this summer, too!