Blog3 February 2014

Football VIP’s keep warm with Andrews Heat for Hire

A premier league football club based in London, recently erected a semi-permanent marquee to house their new VIP Hospitality area, but hadn’t solved the problem of how to heat it over the colder months.


Vip Guests

Keeping the VIP guest warm.


Andrews Sykes was contacted and within three hours of the initial call, following advice given by our heater hire experts, we supplied two ID60 Indirect Oil Fired Heaters complete with ducting, thermostats, fuel buggies and special air diffusers. This product is designed to be used in places with limited ventilation or if heat is needed in an area that has combustible material close by. In addition Andrews Sykes were able to discretely place the two heaters outside the area, so that only thing the customers could see inside the marquee was the special air diffusers. This ensured that the marquee was heated throughout the colder months. All our heaters including the ID60 are tested to the highest safety and reliability standards.

The customer was very happy with the equipment supplied, and are continually using our services. At Andrews Heat for Hire we help you provide a warmer, more comfortable and more productive environment. We also supply and manage all the fuel you need, either gas or oil, at very competitive rates, and make sure you never run out, so all you need to do is switch on and stay warm.