Blog18 March 2021

FM company seeks urgent air conditioning hire on behalf of telecoms giant

In the facilities management industry, reputation is everything. Any organisation that entrusts an FM service provider with the upkeep, maintenance and security of their buildings expects any arising issues to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For many years, Andrews Sykes has worked alongside the country’s largest facilities managers and delivered a wide array of tailored HVAC solutions to a multitude of applications. Our reputation within this sector is impeccable and underpinned by a demonstrable understanding of the way it operates and the importance of swift, decisive action.

The failure of two DX units installed as backup at a telecoms provider’s server room prompted an immediate response from our engineers. This malfunction left a temperature-sensitive environment without a replacement air conditioning system, which, given the client’s reliance on the interrupted functionality of its technology, was completely unthinkable.

The issue was escalated by the company’s FM contractor, who contacted us. Faulty compressors were identified as being the cause of breakdown, leaving the client with a 10kW shortfall of cooling capacity in the event that they would be called into action.

Our local expert calculated the required duty and proposed the installation of two PAC 22 split type air conditioners. These products comprise of an indoor unit and an externally deployed heat exchanger, with the two components able to be situated up to 30 metres apart to maximise flexibility. Due to uncertainty around the length of time in which our units would be required, we agreed a one-week rolling hire with the expectation that all kit would be needed for approximately four weeks.