FM company hires kit for load testing following office refurb

With a significant proportion of office workers still expected to remain at home for the foreseeable future, many facilities managers have taken the opportunity to implement changes while building occupancy is low.

A large commercial office site based at London Wall subsequently took the opportunity to renovate their whole premises, with a comprehensive redesign even extending to new HVAC systems being installed.

In such situations, it is very common for heating and cooling load tests to be carried out in order to verify electrical and climate control capacities within each room. This process allows contractors to identify any inefficiencies within newly installed systems and make the necessary adaptions before the office is back to full capacity.

At Andrews Sykes, our range of equipment allows clients to artificially heat or cool any application to uncover potential hot spots or any other inadequacies that could blight a working environment if suitable steps are not taken.

For this particular customer, we proposed the use of 15 DE95 electrical heaters and eight PAC60 split-type air conditioners so that both variables could be properly assessed. The equipment was installed and operated on each floor before being moved up a level and the same method repeated.

Although no problems were envisaged, the customer was very impressed with the simplicity of our solution which allowed their HVAC team to conduct all tests internally.

The straightforward nature of this project meant our kit was only needed for two weeks, but the FM company was impressed with the way our local expert handled their requirement with minimal fuss.