Blog1 May 2023

Five reasons why good ventilation should be here to stay

Ventilation, as a broad term, refers to the process by which clean, outdoor air is introduced into an area while stale or polluted air is often simultaneously removed.

But why is ventilation important?

1) Health benefits – a poorly ventilated indoor space can exacerbate pre-existing health conditions including asthma, allergies, rashes and sinusitis. An effective ventilation system will filter out larger particle pollens, alleviating the symptoms of hay fever.

2) To remove condensation – most noticeable in winter but a problem throughout the year, condensation is a common form of dampness and can lead to mould growth and long-term damage in the absence of sufficient ventilation.

3) Tackling VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds are invisible gases present in many working environments, with everyday items such as cosmetics, air fresheners and even marker pens all contriving to contaminate indoor air with dangerous chemicals.

4) General air regulation – A good ventilation system ensures you have control of the airflow inside your building, helping you stay on top of energy bills while also regulating the health and safety levels required to keep your employees safe.

5) Comfort – Whether you’re responsible for an office, public event or work conference, a tailored ventilation system can help you overcome hot and stuffy conditions to instil a more relaxed and productive environment for those present.

With decades of experience in supplying companies with ventilation hire equipment, Andrews offers an extensive range of solutions for a huge selection of applications.

Our friendly, trained and experienced team are available to offer advice on small applications such as offices and retail spaces right through to more technical applications where our larger FV range of ventilation hire equipment may be required. These include tunnelling and construction sites, where dust extraction, for example, is imperative.

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