Blog14 February 2023

Five “date” ideas for you to take your temporary heating unit this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, our temporary heating units are always ready to be hired to keep you warm. Most of the units in the Andrews Heat for Hire fleet are fully mobile and quiet enough to be put into a range of environments and industries.

Below, we have given a few examples of the perfect “date spots” to locate some of our units where they would thrive. Remember, we have a wide range of heaters for a vast selection of environments, sectors, and applications. Our extensive range of safe, efficient, and modern heating units are available for immediate delivery across the country from our strategically located depots nationwide. We offer competitive rates and can configure our solutions to permit significant savings on fuel usage. So, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match!

Here are some “date” ideas for our heating units:


  1. Take it to an organised outdoor event in a marquee

Our ID35 indirect fired heater is a regular guests at parties and weddings. It is safe, fume-free, and provides a great deal of heat for marquees to ensure attendees are happy and enjoying their night. The ID35 is very much a no-nonsense unit, so if you’re not quite ready to have your date on full public display, there’s no issue! This weather-resistant product is specifically designed for outdoor deployment, but warm air is ducted inside the intended application with minimal fuss.


  1. Take them to a concert

Our DE190 electric heater units love to keep musicians, ravers and performance areas warm. Just like an electrical musical instrument, the set-up is comparably easy with a plug-and-play feature. Our robust electric heaters – with a variety of changeable settings – can operate from a single socket and be positioned discreetly within the canvas. And they always have a front-row seat to any concert! Although at home surrounded by loud music and bass guitars, the unit itself is very quiet allowing for you to also hear and enjoy the entertainment.


  1. Try a seasonal retail park

We all love a good meal and a vibrant atmosphere, and our Aurora FH111 is no different! The perfect location for this unit is a retail park or seasonal food venue/market. With 92%+ efficiency when operating at full capacity, this date will not be expensive.

This particular model is easily transportable and compact without compromising on power. Although the heater is comfortable being the centre of attention, our Aurora FH111 sometimes prefers a lowkey date where it can be discreetly located out of sight.


  1. Visit a garden centre

Not all dates have to be conventional shopping trips and dinners. Our DE95 sometimes prefers a more outdoorsy date night in garden centres, and greenhouses are one of many locations for which this electric heater is intended. The unit could be likened to low maintenance date, with fully automatic functionality underlining its simplicity. Due to the recent cold weather, botanical areas face a heightened risk of losing very expensive and unique plants. The DE95 loves to see flowers flourish, and prevent rare horticultural stock from perishing.

Coupling the DE95 with a thermostat eliminates the need for guessing or mind-reading, instead providing a perspective that accurately reflects the situation!


  1. Take them on a shopping spree

Every date enjoys a great shopping spree, especially in the winter months. Usually, shopping is a long and indecisive process, and although we cannot guarantee a timescale when it comes to your own endeavours, we can at least promise that you will be warm during the process.

Our retail proficiency makes it easy to understand the importance of a merchandiser’s need to keep customers warm.  With a wealth of experience in the hiring of portable heaters for independent stores and high street chains, we have the capacity to satisfy your precise needs. What more could you dream of on a first date?