Blog26 July 2023

Filtration Sensation: Kent hospital benefits from AC/HEPA combo solution

Maidstone Hospital faced a critical need for infection control measures and temporary cooling, with the requirement surfacing long before temperatures rose. To address this challenge, they reached out to Andrews Sykes months in advance. Initially, we supplied 38 modified PAC 22 air conditioning units fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtrations. This case study examines how we accommodate the needs of an NHS Trust, tailoring our solution to ensure government standards were met.

In early March, Maidstone Hospital contacted us regarding the procurement of air conditioning units that could function alongside their existing cooling systems while adhering to infection control regulation. Our popular split-type units were fitted with HEPA filtration to create a safer and healthier environment for patients and healthcare workers. By efficiently filtering and removing harmful airborne particles while delivering the temperature relief that has become so essential during the hotter months of the year, our equipment offered a double-edged solution to a problem that healthcare facilities face every year.

Why choose Andrews Sykes?

They turned to Andrews Sykes as we are known as the number one specialist hire company in the healthcare sector and the only company in the UK that could successfully fulfil this niche requirement.  Upon receiving the request, our engineers moved quickly to make the necessary adaptions, guaranteeing compliance with very stringent health and safety standards.

The following day, we promptly delivered all 38 units to site, and this was meticulously coordinated to minimise disruption to the hospital’s daily operations.

Strategic HEPA unit placement for optimal results

Installation was overseen by our own technicians, who ensured each unit was appropriately positioned in key areas across different wards. Their strategic placement was essential to maximising the units’ efficacy in reducing airborne pathogens. Within a week of the initial installation, our client requested an additional five units to cater for other wards facing similar challenges.

The successful deployment of 43 PAC 22 units incorporating HEPA technology meant that a major medical facility was sufficiently prepared for the summer ahead, with the overall duration of hire expected to last at least eight weeks. This allowed the hospital to evaluate the units’ performance in the longer term and make an informed decision about whether extending the rental period would be beneficial. Gratifyingly, this has already happened!

What are the benefits of HEPA filters on air conditioning units?

This air conditioning/air purification hybrid solution brought several advantages to Maidstone Hospital’s air quality management and infection control efforts:

  • Effective removal of harmful particles: HEPA filters efficiently capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, including viruses and bacteria, with a filtration efficiency of 99.97%, resulting in cleaner and safer air for patients and healthcare staff.
  • Improved infection control: The HEPA filters play a crucial role in mitigating the risk of airborne transmission of pathogens, enhancing infection control measures within the hospital.
  • Allergy and asthma relief: The elimination of allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander from the air significantly alleviates respiratory symptoms for patients and staff with allergies or asthma.
  • Enhanced respiratory health: Cleaner air resulting from HEPA filtration contributes to better respiratory health for both patients and healthcare professionals, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and complications.
  • Support for vulnerable patients: HEPA filters help create a controlled and sterile environment, providing additional protection to immune-compromised patients.
  • Odour and chemical reduction: The HEPA units also aid in reducing odours and removing some chemical pollutants from the air, improving overall air quality and comfort.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards: The use of HEPA filters exceeds current government standards, cementing Maidstone Hospital’s compliance with infection control and air quality regulations.