Blog13 June 2023

Fashionably fresh: High-end shopping a breeze thanks to our evaporative coolers

Our exceptional service is delivered every day of the week – including outside of normal working hours! This weekend, our team delivered a number of Cyclone DX evaporative coolers to an exclusive retail store in Covent Garden. Even on a busy Saturday evening, our commitment to customer satisfaction was demonstrated as our temporary units were delivered to their destination right on cue!

The Cyclone DX, a fully portable evaporative cooler, is designed to generate a constant flow of refreshing, crisp air via the evaporation of water or ice. Bringing comfort to any environment, these units are perfect for retail stores, where they are commonly used.

With the capacity to deliver significant volumes of continuous cooling relief, a user-friendly design includes a 3-speed fan setting that effortlessly circulates the newly cooled air throughout the surrounding area.

When it comes to reliable, green and sustainable cooling solutions, the Cyclone DX really does lead the way. Experience the power of comfort cooling today and let us introduce a refreshing sea breeze effect to your retail space. Contact us now at 0800 211 611.