Blog13 April 2023

European recap – what’s been happening lately?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a surge in the need for temporary heating and cooling solutions across the continent, as well as our innovative pump products. Here are some notable updates from France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Although we seem to have seen the last of the colder weather in France, the demand for electric heaters certainly spiked during the winter season. Andrews Climat Location was contacted by one of the largest civil engineering and construction companies in the country, on behalf of their multinational technology client in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. To support the client’s construction project, seven FH4000 units were rented to provide 24/7 temporary heating while tiling, floor laying, and painting processes were undertaken.

In Italy, Nolo Climat provided a cooling solution to a steel mill company that needed to thermally manage switchboards on site. A free inspection was conducted prior to the installation of a 550 kW chiller and four air handling units, which will remain until the end of July – ensuring uninterrupted activities for the customer.

On British shores, Sykes Pumps has been proactively updating our hire fleet with the inclusion of larger drip trays and two variations of a Variable Performance wastewater submersible pump. These modernised drip trays have defined slats that retain fuel/oil while allowing water to pass through, preventing environmental damage, protecting equipment, complying with regulations, and minimising slip-related accidents. The Variable Performance wastewater pumps offer a truly unique synergy between components, reducing ownership costs, electricity use, and the risk of clogging, while maximizing reliability and longevity.

Elsewhere, Andrews Sykes Klimaatverhuur deployed emergency cooling for a hospital in South Holland by installing two 750kW chillers inside an exceptionally tight timeframe. Without cooling, temperatures in hospitals can soar to uncomfortable levels, creating hazardous situations, especially in operating rooms. Fortunately, our Dutch colleagues are always ready to provide emergency delivery services across the country, where we’ve been present for more than 50 years.

Our compatriots in Belgium have been inundated with chiller enquiries as we approach summer, but we can also fondly reflect on what has been a very positive end to the cold season. Our technician from the East Flanders region visited a customer responsible for the construction of a new hospital laboratory just outside Brussels, with the primary objective being to maintain a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius during the completion phase of the project. With the customer’s needs perfectly identified, our expert recommended the installation of some indirect-fired oil heaters. Although this was a very straightforward job for us, we cannot underestimate the satisfaction our contact drew from our quick response, prompt communication, and ultimately the flawless installation we oversaw. Great work by our team!

The demand for temporary heating and cooling solutions and innovative pump products has been significant in Europe. The solutions provided by our teams have allowed customers from multiple industries to continue their activities uninterrupted, ensuring safety and reliability – and that’s how we measure success.