Blog3 March 2021

Essential cooling replacement safeguards prominent medical trust

Andrews Sykes’ engineers are rightly revered for their ability to oversee complicated largescale projects, but It is just as important that we get the smaller jobs right to ensure the company’s excellent reputation is upheld.

Last month, the estates manager for a large ambulance service contacted us and requested that we provide some temporary air conditioning units following a reduction in performance of their existing system. A continuous supply of air conditioning was required as it was responsible for keeping temperatures low inside a secure communications room.

Due to faults that had been identified, two of the customer’s units were decommissioned which meant alternative equipment was needed in their place.

Thanks to the proficiency of our local expert who was able to quickly calculate the required cooling capacity, we were able to address the issue promptly. A total of five PAC22 split type air conditioning units were then delivered to site and installed inside the ambulance response centre’s server room.

The equipment was retained on a short four-week hire, remaining in place only until the defective units were ready to be reinstalled.

This is a very good example of a fairly routine requirement being handled without a hitch and the customer being left satisfied with the level of service they received. A slow response time or an insufficient cooling output could have left a very temperamental environment with a potentially damaging problem, but this was easily averted thanks to the professionalism and knowledge of our regional technician.