Blog9 January 2024

Empty theatre gets a makeover with the help of our industrial dehumidifier hire and heating

After sitting empty for more than 30 years, an old theatre began renovations to bring it back to life. The contractors faced a challenge – the ceiling work needed strict temperature and humidity control in order for it to set properly. The work areas required 15-20°C temperatures and tight regulation of relative humidity.

Immediately after the initial call, a site survey was quickly arranged for the next day. In addition to the ceiling, comfort heating and material protection would be critical in other areas like the office and foyer. Regular surveys followed over the coming weeks, as the project’s complexity demanded tight coordination of power and logistics.

With speed essential, equipment delivery and installation began just hours after an engineer visited site. Over the 19-week project, the following components of a rental package kept conditions perfect:

  • 6 portable DE190 electric heaters
  • 3 ASF50 cooling fans
  • 2 FD40 dehumidifiers
  • 12 meters of ducting to direct DE190 heat upwards

For the ceiling:

One DE190 heater was ducted upstairs, aimed carefully at the work area. Several scaffolding panels were removed to allow airflow. The FD40 dehumidifier hire units were also hoisted up and positioned on scaffolding to hit humidity targets for the delicate ceiling materials, draining condensation away.

On the ground level:

The remaining 5 DE190 temporary heating solutions were positioned around the floor to maintain an even, warm environment for staff and materials. The fans kept air circulating.

In the end, the solutions were a resounding success. The customer happily reported humidity held at optimum levels, and materials and people stayed protected from the cold. So much so that they now plan to rent more electric heating for the office. So, if you are wondering ‘where can I hire a dehumidifier or heating unit?’, you have the right place! Call 0800 211 611.