Blog4 April 2014

Emergency ventilation accelerates construction at London rail station

A busy railway station in South London required immediate intervention after fumes lingered in an enclosed space while construction was in process. The station’s depot was being extended, but poor air circulation left engineers potentially vulnerable to harmful dust particles and vapour.

Andrews Ventilation was contacted and asked to address the problem urgently, and all necessary equipment was delivered and installed the same day. We provided two FV300 extraction fans along with the required ducting, helping to draw out fumes produced by machinery on site.

Interestingly, the client had previously used Andrews Sykes for a different project in Scotland. Following successful completion of the earlier assignment, they sought our assistance a second time. The solution we designed facilitated the smooth extraction of hazardous fumes, enabling building work at the station to continue uninterrupted.

Once again, the customer was very pleased with our efficient service and response. By ensuring air within the confined space was clean, we enabled mechanics to finish work well before the deadline.