Blog24 December 2020

Emergency heater hire protects care home residents following boiler failure

Residential care homes are quite rightly held to extremely high standards as far as health and safety is concerned, with minimum temperature thresholds in place to protect the vulnerable people who live in them. Any boiler or heating malfunction should therefore be addressed with the greatest urgency to avoid the logistical headache of having to relocate patients.

In the past, Andrews has provided a national facilities management company with temporary heating solutions across a full spectrum of applications including, recently, several nursing homes.

Our experts were alerted to an issue at a site in Coventry, after a client’s central heating system stopped servicing a number of rooms inside the building. As a result, 16 residents were left without functioning radiators which necessitated the hire of some temporary heaters.

The successful implementation of a short-term heating arrangement in similar circumstances just two weeks prior to this incident prompted the customer to get in touch with us to propose a similar configuration.


We were asked to supply heating units that could be up and running as soon as they reached site, with an additional request that kit provided did not feature fans due to concerns over noise.

These parameters meant that our electric oil-filled radiators were the perfect option for this project, with two units stationed in every affected room to ensure the required heating capacities were provided.

Despite only being made aware of the problem in the early afternoon, our Midlands-based team coordinated the delivery and installation to allow the units to be deployed in their intended locations by 5pm that same day.

The quick response of our engineers and drivers was pivotal in averting some major disruption and simultaneously upheld the exemplary reputation of one of the industry’s best-known FM companies.