Blog25 March 2021

Emergency cooling package allows international food production company to recommence manufacturing

For our many clients in the food and beverage sector, any issue that slows or even completely halts production must be dealt with immediately. This requisite was the very reason that an international food and drink conglomerate asked Andrews Sykes to propose an emergency chiller hire following a problem with a line on their newly installed water-cooling system.

Their existing supplier took more than 48 hours to respond when the fault was originally reported, costing our customer approximately one million pounds in missing output. Given the scale of the impact and the astronomical sums lost, our client was desperate to restore the manufacturing process which prompted them to cut ties with their provider – one of our competitors.

The issue was predominantly affecting of one of our client’s subsidiary companies, recognised globally as a leading coffee brand. A constant source of liquid cooling is essential to help process the final product and ensure it is ready for commercial distribution.

Once on site, an Andrews expert devised a solution that involved one of our temporary chillers being connected to a separate line and bypass the defective part that had been identified. To do this, we installed a 50kW S2 chiller which offered the cooling duty required to recommence production and avert further hits on revenue amounting to around £500,000 per day.

The kit was up and running less than 12 hours after we were asked to handle the project, with our engineers working out-of-hours to address the cooling deficiency as quickly as possible. Given the situation inherited and the unresponsiveness of their original contractor, our customer was delighted with the efficiency with which a suitable course of action was tailored, agreed and implemented to help kickstart an intricate production process.