Blog16 November 2021

Emergency chiller replacement ensures breakfast is still served!

Andrews Sykes has always had close ties with the food and beverage industry, having routinely provided temporary equipment to some of the biggest names in the field. Manufacturing processes, in particular, often go hand in hand with very specific requirements involving cooling, refrigeration or even freezing.

Our expertise was recently called into action by an established refrigeration specialist, who was responsible for maintaining equipment on behalf of one of the country’s best-loved cereal companies.

The customer’s industrial grade food processing chillers fulfil a critical role by removing heat from production machinery and ensuring that the cereal is appropriately cooled to very precise specifications.

Their water-cooled chillers use water from a cooling tower on site and are generally long-lasting, in addition to featuring energy-saving properties. When one of these high capacity units broke down, the reduction in cooling output was completely unexpected and needed to be addressed immediately.

Aware of our service capability and reputation for quick turnaround times during emergencies, the client approached us seeking a replacement unit that would provide the equivalent duty of their decommissioned chiller.

For some suppliers, the fact this was an out-of-hours assignment could have proved a stumbling block – but not for us! Conversely, delivery and installation were coordinated by the team at our Heathrow depot, with a 250kW fluid chiller arriving at the manufacturing facility in the early hours of a Saturday morning.

Despite facing the very real prospect of production being halted – or at the very least, greatly reduced – we were able to prevent any disastrous obstructions and save the customer a five-figure sum at the same time.