Blog27 October 2021

Emergency boiler installation prevents relocation of the elderly and infirm

Due to the vulnerability of people receiving social care, there remains a constant need for any issues on site to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unsurprisingly, nursing homes and similar applications are subject to strict health and safety regulations that include meeting minimum temperature requirements on site.

The importance of delivering a reliable source of heating was recently made apparent at a residential facility in Sheffield, after a complete boiler failure necessitated that a temporary unit was installed in its place. Our client had already taken the decision to purchase a more modern boiler but this was not expected to be ready until the end of November.

Of course, failing to address the problem was inconceivable and would have led to around 40 people being moved to other residences across Yorkshire until a replacement boiler was available. According to current regulations, care homes unable to meet a minimum temperature threshold face immediate closure until this requirement can be met.

Having assisted with similar projects both locally and nationally, our reputation was such that the customer was confident in our ability to provide a solution with very little fuss. A local expert surveyed the premises before concluding that a 250kW boiler could offer the required heating and hot water duties while a permanent alternative was being sourced.

Although simple in its nature, the hire perfectly encapsulated the high-quality service for which we are revered. Despite only learning about the fault late on a weekday evening, we were able to coordinate the delivery and installation of a suitable boiler almost instantly – having it up and running before lunchtime the following day!