Blog17 March 2014

Electric Substation requires emergency aid from Sykes submersible pump hire

An electric substation in rural Berkshire required immediate assistance after a relentless barrage of rainfall caused flooding in the area. Water levels of a nearby river rose too high and subsequently engulfed surrounding fields and the substation site. With over 50,000 homes’ electricity supply in danger of being cut off, the project required an urgent solution.

A Sykes Pumps technician surveyed the location and advised which equipment would be most suitable for the situation. One P2001 and two P3001 Submersible drainer pumps were chosen to supplement the client’s existing equipment. These submersible units were deemed most practical as they have their own power supply and these pumps are ideal for dewatering on a large scale.

 We delivered the pumps on the same day of contact which helped reduce the effects of flood damage to the plant. The client has decided to continue a long-term hire due to several severe weather warnings and resultant heavy rainfall. Further precautionary measures include raising their offices by over a foot in an attempt to avoid flooding in the future.

The client was delighted with our fast service and has since committed to an indefinite rental with us.