Blog5 September 2018

East Anglian sewage treatment works kept operational by Andrews Chillers

During the summer heatwave, a large regional water company sought temporary cooling equipment to assist them with reducing the temperatures of their combined heat and power engines.

The engines in question are used to generate the electricity and power that runs our client’s sewer treatment system – underlining the importance of them staying online at all times. During the lengthy hot spell, the engines were beginning to overheat which put the equipment at risk of failure and meant an immediate solution was required.

Following a free and comprehensive site survey, our experts proposed and installed a 375kW chiller accompanied by three 150kW air handling units, which were positioned directly opposite the engines and used to tackle the high temperatures by producing large volumes of cold air.

The short-term chiller hire was sufficient in maintaining the functionality of our client’s power engines and thus averting an extremely undesirable scenario. The customer was very relieved once the unit was commissioned and kept the temporary chiller on hire for the summer’s entirety.

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