Blog1 October 2014

East Anglian horticulturalist seeks drying equipment

When a flower farmer encountered humidity issues in his cold store, he contacted Andrews Dehumidification in search of a solution. Flowers kept inside before being distributed to supermarkets were at risk of being affected by conditions inside, so an immediate response was necessary.

Condensation had begun to form on the plants’ petals, thus producing water spots which cause damage – affecting its saleability to clients. High levels of Botrytis fungus – a sort of grey mould – also begin to develop within a humid environment, underlining the importance of providing drying apparatus quickly.

We conducted a fully site survey, and, once the cold store was cleaned properly, installed two DS40 desiccant dehumidifier units.

These helped dry out the whole area after the wet cleaning process, and reduced relative humidity to an ideal level, which was then maintained throughout the assignment. Our arrangement ensured the risk of condensation was eliminated, and the lower humidity meant that harmful organisms would not resurface in the future.

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