Blog7 September 2023

Dust troubles resolved thanks to Andrews Ventilation

A disused building site faced significant challenges during roof and floor replacements due to dust accumulation, hampering the progress of demolition and refurbishment. Recognising the urgent need for dust control, the project team turned to Andrews Ventilation for a comprehensive solution.

The challenge

The building presented a unique set of challenges – but nothing we couldn’t address! The presence of dust was a major concern, and this was heightened by the nature of the works being carried out and the affluent residential area in close proximity. Contaminating the surroundings was not an option, and it was crucial to meet both project requirements and strict site regulations.

The solution

Andrews Ventilation responded promptly by conducting a free site survey. Our experts provided recommendations and specification sheets detailing the appropriate equipment needed for the task at hand.

Two critical components of the solution were the deployment of 1 x FV300 unit and the use of additional filter socks, with the fan strategically placed within the affected area. Our ventilation hire package was not only compliant with current site regulations but also highly effective in controlling dust emissions.

The process

Following the free site survey, the initial quote was submitted and accepted. One of our local engineers took charge of the project’s logistics, ensuring seamless delivery and installation. As you would expect, we maintained open communication with the client, keeping them informed at every step of the transaction.

The results

The outcome was simple but comprehensive! The project team were quickly in a position to recommence their work without delays caused by dust-related interruptions. The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the entire process, and we were delighted to hear our solution not only met but exceeded their expectations.