Blog8 December 2021

Drying solution keeps residential development on track

It’s fair to say that Storm Barra has already caused its fair share of problems to people in the UK – a sentiment that can certainly be shared by a nationwide building contractor currently working on a housing project in Southport.

In this instance, there were concerns that the heavy rainfall could lead to the growth of mould or in a worst-case scenario, highly damaging water ingress. Our client was keen to prevent water from permeating the structure’s surfaces due to the hazardous long-term implications associated with penetrative dampness.

There were 21 individual apartments that were identified as needing immediate attention, with progress on the development at a complete standstill until affected areas of the building were dried. Although our customer’s original fears related to the potential damage caused by the weather, this had a knock-on effect in the form of likely delays and increased costs.

Having worked on countless similar jobs previously, our understanding of the situation was sufficient for us to have our local expert conduct a site survey as a matter of urgency. This process was undertaken on the same day of the enquiry, prompting a multifaceted heating and drying solution to be proposed.

Three of our high capacity FH111 heaters were selected to operate alongside 21 FD40 building dryers – one for each apartment. The heating units were deployed outside the application, with lengths of ducting used to direct warm air inside.

This type of arrangement is particularly popular in the construction industry, as the rise in temperature helps any water present to evaporate before being extracted by whichever dehumidification units are on site.

Suffice to say, the drying system recommended by our highly experienced technician performed exactly as desired by the client. Rather than endure a delay spanning weeks, the construction company was able to recommence with their planned works just a few days after suffering the inconvenience of the project being suspended.