Blog24 April 2024

Drying out damp: Andrews Sykes keeps housing project on track

Local borough councils have an important task to continuously build new homes and housing blocks for their residents. But with most construction projects, there are unexpected issues and hiccups along the way.

Our most recent job was from a local council based in a borough outside of London. They reported to our sales engineer that they had issues with a leaking roof which caused flooding and dampness in the building when it rained the day before.

After giving an extensive site survey, it was suggested to use emergency heating and ventilation to dry out the damp space so that the construction workers could continue on time. Within a few hours, we delivered and installed an Aurora FH185 DV indirectly-fired oil heater, ASF950 cooling fan, and a generator to keep it all going.

The overall result is that the customer was happy with the fast service and relieved that they could stay on schedule to provide homes for those residents who needed them on time. We are happy to assist in the process of ensuring those families have a warm home before the winter.

About the Aurora FH185 DV indirect fired oil heater The FH185 is a powerful oil-fueled heating unit with a substantial heat output capacity of 200kW. This durable device can warm sizeable areas up to 4,204 cubic meters and operates at 92% fuel efficiency when running at full capacity. The unit features multiple ducting outlets in addition to crane hooks and forklift slots to simplify delivery and positioning. Mounted on wheels for enhanced mobility, the Aurora FH185 can be outfitted with up to 40 meters of ducting and requires a 415V power supply to function. As one of the larger indirect oil-fired heaters in the rental fleet, this particular model is well-suited for deployment on construction sites, in factories, tents, and workshops.

About ASF50 Ventilation fan The ASF950 is a robust and sturdy air circulation and comfort cooling fan. This high-capacity unit is available in both 230V and 110V versions, facilitating plug-and-play installation wherever a conventional power source is accessible. The ASF950 generates immense cooling airflow volumes with a maximum output of 37,000 cubic meters per hour, making it perfectly suited for large applications such as warehouses, factories, tents, and workshops.