Blog24 May 2023

Draining the obstacles: Sykes Pumps clears the way following underpass flood

Following a period of heavy rainfall, Network Rail requested our intervention after a site in Cumbria became inaccessible due to a build-up of water.

Flooding beneath a railway bridge was preventing the passing of road traffic, prompting the installation of a temporary pumping solution.

Our client reported that this was a recurring issue and requested that a 4″ super silent pump and 1,000-litre fuel tank be delivered to the location as quickly as possible.

It was decided that the rainwater would be pumped into a beck approximately 140 metres away from the scene of the flooding, with a significant amount of pipework needed to complete the application.

As ever, the responsiveness of our engineers meant the equipment was transported to site always immediately – and up and running a short while after its arrival.

The pump was retained on hire for approximately five weeks, and only collected once the weather was deemed to have sufficiently improved to the point that a reoccurrence was no longer considered a risk.

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