Blog25 May 2023

Delivering uninterrupted out-of-hours services across the UK

Andrews Sykes has earned the trust of customers throughout the UK by establishing a reputation for being able to respond to emergency out-of-hours calls anywhere in the UK. With our unwavering commitment to delivering 24/7 service, we take immense pride in ensuring our valued clients benefit from uninterrupted operations – and it really is second nature to us.

Our recent interaction with one of the UK’s largest media companies perfectly demonstrated how our swift response and technical expertise played a crucial role in resolving an urgent air conditioning issue within a communications room.

We truly understand the criticality of responding promptly, especially when there is a race against time to avoid disastrous outcomes. Only last week, we received a distress call at 6:30 pm from a facilities management company responsible for a satellite communications room in North West London. The failure of their air conditioning system threatened the provision of internet and broadband services to local residents. With the customer’s reputation very much on the line, we sprang into action!

Situated in the heart of an open space park, reaching the communications room swiftly was of utmost importance. Our dedicated technicians, well-versed in navigating such circumstances, were escorted to the site to ensure timely arrival.

Once inside, our experienced technicians swiftly assessed the situation and proceeded to install two PAC22 S3 units, effectively restoring a vital source of air conditioning in under an hour.

At Andrews Sykes, we take great satisfaction in knowing our clients can turn to us with emergency requirements safely in the knowledge that they will be professionally dealt with.

Our pledge to deliver exceptional service sets us apart as the ideal choice for businesses and institutions across all industries. With strategically placed depots throughout the UK, we ensure uninterrupted operations, unmatched technical expertise, and unparalleled dedication.