Blog31 December 2013

Dehumidifier hire – How do dehumidifiers work?

As the UK starts to clear up after the recent storms and floods, Andrews dehumidification hire are busy helping businesses and residents dry out their properties in order to prevent further damage and accelerate the drying out process.

Being the UK’s leading dehumidification hire company, Andrews can provide a wide range of units on short term or long term hire. Dehumidifiers are mainly split into two types, refrigerant or desiccant. For flood restoration purposes refrigerant dehumidifiers are often more popular.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers work by passing the damp air over a cold coil know as an evaporator, a powerful built in fan passes the room air over the evaporator, as the air passes through the dehumidifier the water collects onto the coil leaving the air dryer as it leaves the unit. The fan continues to recirculate the room air and on each pass of the coil, the air becomes dryer. As the air becomes dryer the relative humidity of the room becomes lower and draws the moisture from the fabric of the building, accelerating the drying out process. The moisture taken from the air is drained from the unit an is emptied from the unit either into a container located next to the dehumidifier or in some cases pumped to a nearby drain or waste pipe.




One of the UK’s most popular refrigerant dehumidifiers is the Andrews HD500, this easily portable but powerful unit can work from a domestic power socket. For smaller areas the FD30 is often preferred for it compact design, both of these units are available for hire from Andrews Sykes depots across the UK.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are often used where access to the area requiring to be dried is difficult to access, typically this could be under floor areas or basements, where it is not possible to place a refrigerant unit. These units work by passing air through a desiccant, moisture absorbing, material such as silica gel or lithium chloride. The dry air is then blown through a flexible ducting into the area affected.



Andrews Dehumidification hire provide both refrigerant dryers and desiccant dryers for hire or sales from their network of depots across the UK. We will also assist by offering expert advice and free site surveys. For more information you can call us now on 0800 211 611 or email us at [email protected].