Blog2 April 2012

Customers confident with Andrews Sykes Live Chat service

Since Andrews Sykes launched its brand new Live Chat online last summer, customers have been delighted at the extra support and convenience offered to them by their dedicated workers. By clicking just one button, customers can get their questions and needs addressed instantly by Andrews Sykes staff.

A customer was delighted at Andrews Sykes’ speedy response recently, as he urgently needed to hire a heater for the day. After simply clicking on the Live Chat button on the website, the customer was able to explain his crisis to one of the loyal sales team. Having all of his queries and questions dealt with promptly, Andrews Sykes were then able to help decide which unit was the best for them and within one hour of the Live Chat, the unit was with the customer.

Being committed to customer service, Andrews Sykes has real people behind the computer screens ready and waiting to help. Unlike other companies, we guarantee a fast and genuine 24/7 service and will always go the extra mile for our customers.