Blog15 December 2015

Cumbria flood victims aided by Andrews Dehumidification Hire

Storm Desmond’s arrival in early December saw much of the UK struck by record amounts of orographic rainfall, with Cumbria and other North-West regions among the worst affected areas. The level of devastation has prompted the environment secretary to form a group specifically designed to consider how best to strengthen flood defences, but for thousands of people, this measure has come too late.

Consequences have been far-reaching and include major disruption to transport systems, electricity failure, cancelled sporting events and even deaths. Pictures of Carlisle United’s submerged ground went viral online and encapsulated the sense of helplessness felt by business and home owners alike.

While the Environment Agency continues to issue severe weather warnings, extended efforts are being made to assist the flood recovery strategy. Andrews Dehumidification Hire have been extremely busy providing building dryers to customers throughout Cumbria, with plenty of units still in stock to accommodate a peak in demand.

Our range consists of small, powerful models suitable for drying modest residential or retail properties right through to large industrial units ideal for sizeable applications such as warehouses and factories. For more information on our range of products or to arrange a dehumidifier hire, call 0800 211 611 to speak to one of our Andrews experts.