Blog21 January 2010

Continued Education with Andrews Boilers

During the Big Freeze many schools have had to close due to arctic conditions and failures in their heating system.

Andrews Boilers was called to a school in Ross-on-Wye as they had suffered from a boiler failure resulting in closure for the school during this vital time for education.

The school had hired electric heaters from a local supplier to keep the facility open, however this was proving to be very expensive to run. Another downside to the electrical heater option was that it also created warm classrooms but cold corridors and toilets.

Andrews supplied 2 x 250kW Low Pressure Hot Water Boilers connected directly to the existing central heating system to maintain temperatures in the classrooms and corridors whilst simultaneously providing hot water for showers and wash facilities.

The 2 stage burner units within the boiler reduced running costs compared to the electric heaters and maintained a constant temperature throughout the buildings.

Andrews Boilers were up and running within 4 hours of the call saving vital educational funds.

Continued Education with Andrews Boilers