Blog15 March 2017

Contingency Service available to Andrews Chillers clients

At Andrews Chillers, we understand the importance of continuous business operation and the potential repercussions of this not being interrupted. That’s why we offer our customers a genuine climate contingency service combining frequent maintenance with whatever pre-agreed rental solution you have in place.

We are proud to provide a 24/7 support service which affords clients total peace of mind throughout the duration of a chiller hire. Whether temporary equipment is required to keep critical hardware, products or even people cool, we can be relied upon to ensure your chiller system remains online and functional at all times.

The impact of air conditioning failure is often far-reaching and expensive, but with Andrews Chillers’ contingency plan you can be confident this situation never arises. An arranged back-up plan guarantees that our engineers will be on your site within approved timescales and protect your corporate or commercial activity from being disrupted unnecessarily.

To discuss putting a contingency strategy in place, or to discuss the various benefits with a dedicated expert, call us today on 0800 5872 999.