Blog1 September 2021

Construction site provided with air changes and heating via single unit

Very few industries have remained unaffected by coronavirus, and the construction sector is one of many that has been forced to make changes to ensure the well-being of those working within it. Comfort facilities were quickly identified as an area meriting particular attention, with these environments generally unconducive to allowing sufficient space between people while they relax, dine or take a break.

Because of this obligation, a national building contractor approached us and asked us to provide two of their sites with some heaters. Projects were being undertaken at separate locations in Swindon and Redditch, with the expectation that these would run into 2022. As such, our client was keen to get ahead of the game and source some temporary heating units well before seasonal temperatures began to drop.

Although our customer’s primary concern was to keep conditions comfortable within marquees being used as canteen areas, the operating characteristics of indirect fired heaters made them a very useful two-pronged solution given the ongoing situation.

Our technician explained that because these units work by constantly reintroducing large volumes of fresh, outdoor air, we can guarantee several air changes per hour as long as the heaters are in use. The customer was delighted that this equipment, in essence, offers dual functionality in the context of temperature control and ventilation, and this prompted them to hire multiple ID65 units across their two sites.

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