Blog28 January 2020

Construction company seeks temporary heating equipment

When a renowned construction company in London required a temporary heating solution for a large housing development, Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and asked to provide a solution that would raise temperatures within the building. The contractor overseeing the project was facing the prospect of delays and was desperate to avoid this scenario due to tenancy commitments.

Low ambient temperatures were threatening to affect wet trade processes including plastering and floor laying. An Andrews engineer visited the client’s site a few hours after being contacted and after assessing the environment and conducting a thorough assessment, proposed a bespoke heater hire solution to ensure surfaces dried correctly.

As a result, we installed two indirect fired FH111 heaters outside the buildings and used lengths of ducting to ensure large volumes of warm air were circulated around the interiors. Prior to our involvement, the customer specifically requested a cost-effective temporary heating solution. Our FH111 units are up to 92% fuel efficient and when operating at full capacity, minimising the consumption of gas oil while in use.

Both units were configured to ensure that room temperatures stayed within an 18-21⁰C range as these conditions are widely regarded as being most conducive to wet trades drying properly. By deploying our equipment in this manner, we were able to assist our client with a critical phase of an extensive construction scheme and accelerate drying times without them suffering any delays.

The customer was very pleased with our service and the expertise of our local engineer, who revisited site during the hire to ascertain that the heaters were performing as expected.

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