Blog10 March 2014

Concert venue in Scotland assisted by Andrews Heat for Hire

When a conference facility in Scotland lost its heating supply at the end of last December, they needed Andrews Heat for Hire to provide a temporary solution. The venue hosted concerts throughout February but required emergency intervention to ensure attendees didn’t get cold.

We provided two FH2000 heaters and one FH111 model in order to match the client’s own system – which produced around 500kW of heat. The main arena has a capacity of 8,500, meaning multiple units were required to adequately warm the area. We also manufactured a set of false doors with appropriately fashioned holes, to allow the ducting to pass through.

The three heaters were quickly delivered and installed, with hire still continuing for the foreseeable future. Originally, five fire exits were expected to be used to facilitate the ducting. However, this was not ultimately necessary as heat was ducted through one door on each of the arena’s three sides. The project was therefore successful as all events within in the vicinity continued in conjunction with the original schedule.

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