Blog14 June 2016

Company employee competes in Sykes Pumps-adorned stock car

Over the last few decades, we as a company have become accustomed to seeing our logo appear in various sporting contexts – from football shirts to rally car chassis. This coverage has typically been generated via sponsorship deals and commercial packages, but a Sykes Pumps employee has come up with a different way to increase our brand exposure!

Portsmouth-based Steve Henty, who works in Pump Hire and Sales, has been a keen stock rod driver for more than twenty-five years. Stock car racing is a form of automobile racing most prominently found in Canada and the United States, usually taking place on an oval-style track.

In August, Steve will be taking part in a three-day national competition in Birmingham – with more than 30,000 spectators expected to be present. But while most participants will be driving customised and garish cars, Steve’s converted Vauxhall Corsa will feature Sykes Pumps advertising!

The vehicle’s body will be traditional Sykes blue and white in colour, and includes the iconic and instantly-recognisable teardrop symbol. Our phone number is also emblazoned on the side of the bonnet and therefore in full view of both fans and media.

Speaking of his hobby, Steve said: “I’m looking forward to August! I normally drive in Cannock, Hednesford or Birmingham Central but the upcoming contest will be of a very good standard.

“People often come up to me and say ‘I’ve seen your logo before’ or ‘I need a pump’, so it definitely gets people’s attention. I’m certain it has led to a few enquiries over the years!”