Blog11 August 2023

Comedic delights and comfortable nights! Adaptable cooling solutions for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

For over a decade, Andrews Sykes has been the trusted provider of cooling solutions for a renowned comedy festival in Edinburgh. This year’s challenge was no exception – ensuring the comfort of both comedy enthusiasts and performers in a series of temporary venues spread across the bustling month of August.

Our engineers embarked on a mission to grasp the festival’s unique requirements, leading to a detailed and precise quote and installation plan. Despite tight deadlines, our dedication to delivering the best and most cost-effective solution remained on point as always!

The festival’s dynamic plans prompted evolving requirements and budgets from our long-term customer. We navigated numerous challenges arising from fluctuating room sizes, capacities, and budgetary considerations. Our skilled sales engineers worked tirelessly, engaging in extensive negotiations, ultimately securing the deal by day’s end.

With the order confirmed for two HPAC 30 and two PAC 22 cooling units, we left no room for delays. Recognising the urgency, we swiftly dispatched a specialist engineer to the festival site the very next day, equipped with the cooling equipment. Meticulous logistics coordination ensured smooth installation within the short timeframe.

As the festival’s performances took centre stage, our cooling units played a pivotal role in maintaining ideal temperatures within a spacious temporary auditorium and several smaller venues. Positive feedback from delighted customers and festival-goers underscored the impact of our reliable and effective cooling solutions, enhancing the overall festival experience.

Furthermore, our seamless integration of inconspicuous cooling units, discreetly positioned and thoughtfully out of sight, resonates with the festival’s unique requirement for unobtrusive cooling solutions. This customer directive gave rise to the seemingly unconventional placement of some units – as you can see from the some of the images – a strategic move that exemplifies our commitment to going beyond standard solutions to meet the distinct needs of clients.

At Andrews Sykes, our hallmark is adaptability – a trait that enables us to consistently meet evolving customer needs with unwavering commitment. Whether it’s the complexity of a large-scale festival or any other cooling demand, we stand prepared to deliver dependable and efficient solutions that keep the atmosphere cool and comfortable.