Blog16 March 2010

Cold Customers Mean No Customers

Matthew Stapley, our Technical Service Manager started his day with a local drive to complete a site survey. The customer was an international brewery and distillery group requiring a chiller hire solution for the cooling of beer in the brewing stages.

It was a bitterly cold morning and the forecast was for snowfall at about 3pm, Matthew arrived on site, met the customer and they agreed a chiller rental solution for their problem. So, off he went on his way back with the thought of a snow blizzard on his mind.

Matthew was just a few miles from his M25 turn off on the M1 when the phone rang to tell him of a heating failure in a major London supermarket store. The gas boiler connected to the heating and hot water circuits had broken down and cold disgruntled customers were leaving the store.

Despite the worsening weather conditions, Matthew had no hesitation in heading straight to the store to assess the problem and advise on the best solution.

He got to the site at about 2pm and had a 500 kw commercial boiler installed and running in no time and so he made his way home. The journey would normally only take him about 1 hour and is no more then 8 miles in distance.

But then the snow started to fall and it was not going to stop for anybody. Matthew spent the next 3 hours doing a total of 3 miles and not seeing a way home possible, he decided to put his hat and gloves on and start the 5 mile walk home. He eventually arrived at home about 10pm after stopping at the local for a quick one!

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