Blog14 December 2009

Climate Contingency Services to the Rescue

CCS Saves The Day

When a major cable TV and communications company suffered a chiller breakdown in a business-critical IT and communications room, temperatures soared. Fortunately a climate contingency plan was in place and a CCS business continuity team was deployed. Five portable air conditioning units with remote condensers were delivered and installed within two hours, averting costly downtime and ensuring customer satisfaction was maintained. ” We received notification that our existing cooling system was failing, a CCS technician had visited site 3 months prior and we had signed an agreement to cover said emergency, we contacted CCS at 3.00 am in the morning and within 2 hours the temporary cooling equipment was installed and operational. The potential cost to the business in failure of cooling equipment for our data room would have been hundreds of thousands of pounds”  Phillip Radburn (Head of IT)

Portable Air Conditioning